What’s New in Toys and Creative Play for April


For budding artists – a Mosaic Stamp Kit. You’ll be inspired by this set of unique stamps with eight different designs. Watch the video to see how each stamp creates mandala-like designs ready for coloring with crayons, colored pencils or markers. Trying to inspire a future gardener/farmer? A great handmade Wheel Barrow and Outdoor Garden Tool Set, with two… 

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The Imaginary Garden

Are you a gardener? I like to think that I am. I play at gardening, and besides reading a good book, there’s nothing like weeding a flower bed to give you that awesome feeling of satisfaction for a job completed. So, if you are a gardener, or your parents are gardeners then perhaps you will… 

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And Then It’s Spring

Well, honestly, I almost missed the boat on Wednesday, talking about what insects do in the winter, but that book (Not a Buzz to be Found…Insects in Winter) was such a big hit with the Little Darling that I thought I really must share. But now it’s SPRING! And this is such a sweet book…. 

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