KeeKee’s Big Adventures – We’ve Got Books…to Give Away!


Do you have wanderlust? Have you traveled a lot and perhaps you are looking for creative ways to whet your child’s appetite for foreign travel and adventure? Do you think that perhaps a book or two, written with children in mind, about visiting foreign cities might be just the ticket? YES!!! Well, I am so excited… 

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Favorites on Friday


Look closely at the picture above…is it just me or does it look to you like the little boy is holding some sort of cell phone???  Since the picture was taken in 1935, I think my eyes are playing tricks on me! We are in for some fun this weekend! The Little Darling has arrived… 

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Well, how did that happen? It must be pre-mature old age creeping up?!?! Anyway, you might remember that we did have a giveaway for NY Media Works‘ new book release, Bubblegum Princess, we did, and we do…have a winner that is – Congratulations to Helen Wiley – your book will be with you shortly! Thanks again to… 

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