Little Free Libraries…Is There One In YOUR Neighborhood?

Pic via Little Free Library on Facebook

I first heard of the Little Free Library movement about a year ago, and I have to admit, I was intrigued. I could see immediately so many benefits from having a LFL on your street. Then, as these things happen, I went to Fredericksburg, VA to tour homes open during Historic Garden Week in Virginia…. 

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ALSC Notable Children’s Books Nominees – Summer 2013


I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was to see the list of titles just released as Notable Children’s Books Nominees! Why? Well, because it’s always interesting to see what critical minds who read lots and lots of children’s books are thinking and what they like. But this year, it is especially gratifying… 

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Miss Moore Thought Otherwise


Aren’t young people lucky that strong women have always been around? I mean really…if you think about it, women have always been at the forefront of everything important, right?!? Certainly, Anne Carroll Moore knew her mind and she wasn’t going to settle for anything less, thank goodness. Children can now read all about Anne Carroll… 

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