Tooth Fairy, Tooth Mouse, Rabbits, BIrds, Pigs etc…What is your tradition?


Even though we have lived all over the world..for some reason, it never occurred to me that other cultures would have different ways of dealing with the teeth that children lose. Why not? I guess that I was just not that interested…after all, if you had a list of burning questions you were pondering “Who… 

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Anatole – A resourceful mouse if ever there was one!


Anatole is by no means a new book, but one that definitely deserves a mention here. Eve Titus, the author of numerous bestselling and beloved children’s books,  introduced scores of children and their parents to the beloved Anatole over 50 years ago and Paul Galdone illustrated nearly all of Ms. Titus’ books, winning a Caldecott Honor award for… 

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