What’s in the Woods?


Do you ever pick up a book and just immediately know that you love it and HAVE TO HAVE IT? If the answer to my question is no, please don’t tell  my husband, because it will only confirm to him what he has long suspected. I have an addiction. To BOOKS!

The Deer Watch

First, let me just say, this is NOT  a post about the herd of deer who live in my field – NOT!!! The Deer Watch by Pat Lowery Collins is a beautiful, moving story about a boy and his father who set out on an early morning – in hopes of seeing a deer. If I… 

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Outside Your Window: A First Book of Nature

If you are looking for a great book that combines beautiful, child friendly illustrations, poetry and a love of  the world Outside Your Window…look no further. Nicola Davies and Mark Hearld have brought us all the perfect book to share with our little ones. I first bought this over a year ago, and though I… 

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Cherry Blossoms

From Outside Your Window: A First Book of Nature Cherry Blossoms Last week the twigs were just twigs, bare and black and boring, but now – blossoms! At first there were only little patches of pink petals, but now – blossoms, blossoms! In parks, on streets, in gardens – pools of pink spread, and now… 

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Not a Buzz to be Found…Insects in Winter

It snuck up on me, this first glorious day of Spring. Even though the daffodils are pushing their way through the dirt and the crocus are blooming, we still had another couple of inches of snow Monday night. Enough already ! As much as I liked Over and Under the Snow, I must say Not… 

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A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee

Well, It feels good to be home again. I have dropped Prince Charming off with his parents…it was a quiet, very quiet, car ride home. Do you like rhyming books as much as I do?  I told you, I really am still probably five somewhere in my body. If you do like rhyming books, then… 

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