The Colorful World of Leo Timmers


Have you and your children met Leo Timmers and the colorful characters that he creates? No?!? Well, all I can say is…you need to. Soon! Leo Timmers was born in 1970, in Belgium. He trained in Graphic Design and began his career illustrating children’s books. Gradually, he started writing stories himself. We have three books… 

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Brush of the Gods

Can great artists be formed? In The Brush of the Gods, author Lenore Look retells an ancient story. 1500 years ago in China, when the artist Wu Daozi lived, his teachers believed there was a very specific way to do everything – from how you soaked your brush, to how you ground your ink, to… 

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The Imaginary Garden

Are you a gardener? I like to think that I am. I play at gardening, and besides reading a good book, there’s nothing like weeding a flower bed to give you that awesome feeling of satisfaction for a job completed. So, if you are a gardener, or your parents are gardeners then perhaps you will… 

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