Classics on Tuesdays – The Fisher Price Chatter Phone

Introduced in 1961, The Chatter Telephone was the ultimate pretend play toy with its ringing rotary dial and its friendly interactive design. Since then, technology has changed quite a bit, but the Chatter Telephone makes children smile just the same way. With eyes that roll up … Read More.


A May Poem

May   From… A Child's Calendar - Poems by John Updike … Read More.


If It Rains Pancakes – Haiku and Lantern Poems

Just one more book of poems to end National Poetry Month. I couldn't help myself…especially when I saw the title - If It Rains Pancakes! But then I became even more intrigued because this is a book of Haiku and Lantern poems. Now, I think that most of us remember what a Haiku is … Read More.


Miss You Like Crazy

So many parents work outside the home these days. How about you? Chances are, if you do, then perhaps your child/children have said to you at some point, "why do you have to go to work" or "can I come with you." Even if they are off for a fun day of school or Mother's Morning … Read More.


Honey Bee Tees

Spring is here…and that means that Summer is just around the corner! Don't get me wrong - I am not rushing Spring away, but as every parent knows, after Easter…the end of school is not far behind. With that in mind, I thought this might be a great time to introduce you to Honey … Read More.


What’s in the Woods?

Do you ever pick up a book and just immediately know that you love it and HAVE TO HAVE IT? If the answer to my question is no, please don't tell  my husband, because it will only confirm to him what he has long suspected. I have an addiction. To BOOKS! … Read More.

The Childrens Museum of Indianapolis -Roller Skates

Classics on Tuesdays

When I was little, one of the things I liked to do most was roller skate. How about you? I mean, the old-fashioned kind that you strapped on to your shoes and you had a special "key" to adjust them with. I was talking about roller skates the other day with my Mom who told me that … Read More.